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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~Maya Angelou


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What’s Hidden Beneath

My personal care and cosmetics used to be an area where I willfully ignored. Just like the section of the beach hiding the shipwreck looks smooth, so does the cosmetics aisle in the drug store. Turns out, behind all those shiny labels and beautiful products, there's plenty of danger lurking just below the surface. 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm guilty of it too- we all want instant gratification. When things don't work in the first week, we often dismiss them. It's why millions of dollars of exercise equipment sits unused in basements across America. I want to plant broccoli on Monday and eat it on Friday. When it's not ready until August, it's hard.


The stat above is one of the main reasons I got involved with Beautycounter in the first place. There is no reason that a multi-billion dollar industry is still governed by a page and a half of legislation that's almost... Continue Reading →

A Natural Summer Look without Child Labor or Cancer Risk? Yes please!

I especially love the Glow Shimmer Oil because I know that every ingredient Beautycounter uses is sustainably sourced.  Did you know that most cosmetic products that include shimmer or glitter are sourced from dangerous and illegal mica mines, mostly worked by children under the age of 10 years old in India? After 7-8 hours of laboring in treacherous conditions, most children earn just enough to eat for the day, equivalent to approximately $0.33.  I am simply not okay in my heart with this and am saddened that I used to support many of the major multi-national companies who source through these mica mines.  Knowing this makes me all the more thankful for Beautycounter's strict sourcing standards and sustainability efforts ... Beautycounter truly isn't just a beauty company, we are a company on a mission to make the world better. 


It's a good news, bad news situation. On the one hand, conventional companies are hearing us. On the other, they're adding some "organic" or "natural" ingredients and calling it a green product. 

Want Big Results? Start Small

Big, sweeping change is hard. If we crash diet, it comes back. If we try to go cold turkey on TV, we end up binge watching three shows the first rainy day. If we try to cut all sugar out... Continue Reading →

1938. Gets Me Every Time.

Every time I'm reminded that the laws governing the multi-billion dollar personal care and cosmetics industry haven't been meaningfully updated since 1938, I get mad. 😡 Here's a article written by a Harvard Law student that gets into the details:... Continue Reading →

Reducing Your Toxic Load

I recently found this great article- 5 EASY WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR TOXIC LOAD AT HOME I'm slowly following the advice. I've made great strides to reduce my plastic- I have a cute Swell Bottle I love to carry around... Continue Reading →

Autism and Exposure

As a recent new mom, the worry about autism is fresh in my mind. In truth, it's still there. I read a ton of articles all throughout my pregnancy and tried to balance the information. A common theme throughout all... Continue Reading →

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